"Jaxson was the first dog my family has ever adopted from a breeder. We've always had dogs that were given to us or "rescued". I had an idea on what the experience might be like but I had no idea how Bakers Acres would change my life. 

 From day one of the puppies being born Brandie sent us pictures and videos everyday. She kept track of all of their milestones and made sure the pups were on track and healthy. Documenting everyday helped me fall in love with Jaxson before I even met him. I knew he was exactly right for me and vise versa. 

 Brandie had an extensive application in which she was able to ensure her pups were going to good homes. She went over the top in really making sure all of the pups were set-up for success for the rest of their lives. There was even a facebook chat set up so that all of us who adopted from the litter could stay in touch, share pictures and ask questions. 

 Brandie has several dogs that the puppies were interactive with to help build their puppy skills as well as beautiful kids that handled them all the time. By the time I got Jaxson he was very well socialized and adjusted to my home without skipping a beat. 

 Bakers Acres is somewhere I always know I can go to get life long support with my pup. Brandie was very informative in teaching us how to properly train our pup and how to work with each pups own personality. Brandie has committed her life to raising well balanced puppies to send off to good homes for a very affordable rate in hopes of shutting down as many puppy mills as she can and I support this whole heartedly. 

 If I were to ever consider getting another dog I wouldn't buy from anyone else but Bakers Acres. The connection that we have since this experience is incredible and will be life long and not something I had ever expected from (or heard of) from a breeder. The Bakers are family to me and I am forever grateful for our little man DANIEL JAXSON. ❤


Amber Devauld"


"I was overwhelmingly happy to find Orbit at Bakers Acres.  He's a wonderful companion.  He's smart, healthy, adorable and he has an excellent temperament.  I really liked Brandie's approach to finding forever homes for their puppies.  During the application process, she asked thoughtful questions, proving that she truly cares about the animals and where they are being placed.  I would recommend this breeder to anyone who is looking to adopt a four legged family member."

-Katie Fedevich-


Henry is a second generation Cockapoo.

He is a mix of American Cockapoo &

English Cockapoo or Spoodle.

 He is the inspiration behind Bakers Spaniels.

Everyone in the world deserves a "Henry"!