Charlie is a tri-chocolate parti American Cocker Spaniel, he was born in Atena, Alberta the 13th of June 2014 to parents "Danny Boy" & "Trisha"

Charlie came to us in the spring of 2015. His blood lines include Champion Specialty's "Tia Maria" and "Maverick Get Your Gun" (grandparents on Dad's side).

But most importantly, Charlie is an amazing companion! He stepped off the plane with a roll in the grass, a polite sit and waited to be cuddled in the truck as we continued our 3 hour journey home.

Since then he has shown amazing social skills! He lives within sight of the family's boarding kennel business and sees many different dogs on a daily basis that he plays endlessly with. By the end of every day he is happily exhausted. He likes to be leader in his chosen group and quickly gains the respect of all dogs. In our home he is content to relinquish his leadership to Rueben (Dane/Husky mix) who rules all the animals on the farm with calm, consistent, no nonsense rules.

Charlie is patient and willing with our 3 young children. He looks to them for comfort and entertainment. He will follow them as they build forts and help with chores. He sprawls on their laps while they watch TV. When the children arrive home from school he is the first one to greet them and he shows his happiness with two legged dancing and intent focus. 

Charlie is a people pleaser. If Charlie doesn't understand the command he will sit and wait for you to teach it to him. He can be forgetful but is always gracious with his reminders.

Charlie's nickname is Binky and we love how it reflects his happy, easygoing, all for one attitude. 


Charlie's profile written by Michael (age 13):

When Charlie moved to Burns lake he met Yoshi, Danika, Baloo, Henry and Rueben. Charlie loves to paly with stuffed toys and roll in the mud. Charlie is trained and knows not to jump on the table. Charlie also took an obedience class. Charlie has participated in the Lakes District Fall Fair Pet Show. 

Still working on adding information

to Charlie's pedigree

Charlie's "A total preener!"