Claire was born in Sherwood Park, Alberta. She is a purebred miniature apricot poodle.

Claire loves to run, she's never the last one in a game of tag despite her size. She has an amazing ability to jump heights 3-4 times her size.

Her social skills are second to none. She loves everyone, human or canine! She will play rough and tough with the big dogs but gentle and easy with the puppies. She has a instinct that quickly changes to match every size and demeanour of dog seamlessly.

By bedtime she is tucking everyone into bed while she washes their face and says goodnight. She takes her spot on the end of the bed where she can finally get some rest and be watchful that everyone around her is happy and safe.

Her princessy side comes out clearly in the morning when everyone is up and out the door and she remains warm under the covers that she shares with Danika (Shih Tzu/Bichon mix) who is queen of the princess behaviour!

Her favorite spot during the day is on my chair as she keeps me (and the pup on the table) company as we groom.

Claire Bear's intelligence is used to adapt to all situations with grace and complete understanding while she sets the emotional pace for others to follow. Like a true leader she never waivers in her role and accepts without judgment those around her who choose a different path.