We are a small tight knit family group.

Brandie and Jason are parents to Michael, Joey, Peytanne and Nathaniel.

Our family is kept all in a straight line by Gramma Karen.

Uncle Glenn lives around the corner and checks in regularly to keep the boys imagination's sky high!

We operate a home based business known as Bakers Acres Kennels.

We are a small family run farm located just outside Burns Lake, BC.


Our pups are well socialized with kids, strangers, vehicles, water, dogs of all sizes,

cats, rabbits, chickens, sheep and horses. We introduce pups to all types of noises, smells, sights and climates (including professional grooming and veterinary settings).

Our canine family group includes Reuben, Baloo, Charlie, Marley, Claire, Danika, Yoshi and Henry. Your pup will learn essential skills most consistently from these loving, well rounded family members.

In Loving Memory of Chloe: