Georgia Peaches a.k.a. Princess Peach

Georgia was born in Saskatchewan at Polar Lane Poodles.

Dainty Miss Georgia is a beautiful, young at heart, wise old soul. True to her breeding she is cautious, loves her routine and is the observer of the group. She especially adores Jason (our head of house) and will mouth his hand incessantly until he gets his boots off from his long day and gathers her into his arms for a happy hello snuggle. 

She is highly respectful of Claire's space but relentless in trying to get Claire to play with her. Grumpy old Grandpa Yoshi gathers Georgia into his tight knit group of girls and protects her under his fatherly dominance.

Georgia is our exquisite oriental orchid that blooms when we all dote on her and keep her safe. We tend to all gather around her and surround her with love like bubble wrap around a breakable china doll.