You will receive the following documentation with your puppy:


  • All vaccinations, vet check and deworming info

  • Microchip (that stays in our name until your puppy is spayed/neutered)

  • ACC registration (Cockapoos)

  • Full information package for the care and training of your puppy

  • All puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract (including timelines) and legal non breeding agreement.

  • Our health guarantee

  • Parents information

  • Lifelong breeder commitment

  • Mutual contract for the puppy's health and welfare


We strongly recommend that you have your veterinarian check your puppy within 48 hours of arrival at your home.

This is because your peace of mind is important to us and we want you and your veterinarian to have a strong

relationship for the health and welfare of your puppy.


To Apply for a Puppy:

Your application is simply a letter in your own words via email.

In order to be put on our waiting list please write a letter and email it to that includes the following information:

  1. Complete contact information

  2. References names and contact information. 1 reference must be the veterinarian of your choice, preferably one you hold with a current/past relationship.

  3. Tell me about yourself and your family and who will be the puppy's prime caretaker (number of people and ages in the household and their general personality types {energetic, calm, driven, nurturing, challenging, adventurous...}, what your daily routine is like)

  4. Tell me about your chosen career/s

  5. Tell me about your living arrangements (rent/own, house/apartment, in town/out of town, fenced yard...)

  6. Tell me about previous dogs you've welcomed into your home (their "end-stage" age, breed, personality)

  7. Tell me about the other current pets in your household (their age, species, breed, personality)

  8. Why have you chosen a cockapoo and what your plans are for your new family member?

  9. Your preference for sex, color and personality of your new pup

The application process is slow. This allows time for you to change your mind, time for us to work our regular job. After your application is recieved we will exchange questions and answers until we are both well informed and in agreement. At that time we will ask for an intial $50 fee for our time in researching your references. If we are both in agreement we will accept your $200 deposit, invite you to our private facebook group and help you to plan the arrival of your new puppy. If you do not have time to work through the application process you may want to re-consider how much time it takes to raise a puppy.


Our life long commitment to you and your pup includes obedience training, mentoring, and an unquestioning loyalty to your pup. Should your situation change and you are no longer able to care for your pup, he/she will return to the protection and safety of our family at any time. In exchange for this commitment we require you to contact us FIRST to rehome your pet. Written consent and ongoing breeder commitment can be given to a home of your choice with mutual agreement. The breeder promises this without judgment. This commitment is included in the mutual written contract that must be signed before the puppy is released to the buyer. Rehoming fees are based on breeders expenses. 


We invite you to be part of our private facebook group dedicated to our canine family. A non-judgmental, support and brag group where we can learn from each other and watch our families grow.  

You will be informed when the puppies are born. When the puppies are two to three weeks of age you will be able to come and pick your puppy or we can match you according to your requirements and the puppy's needs. If you aren't able to visit us we can use digital technologies to help you make the best choice for your new family member. At that time, you may choose to wait for a future litter. A non-refundable deposit of $200 is due at the time of choosing.

Your purchase price and deposit is non-refundable. Consider your decisions carefully. With written diagnosis and recommendations from your veterinarian regarding unforeseen health related issues, your puppy can be returned to us and preference given to another puppy of your choice within 2 years of the date of purchase. This breeder commitment is included in your health guarantee.


The mandatory written contract includes (but it not limited to) your dedication to be fully informed regarding the health and welfare of your new puppy and your written word that you will provide veterinary care for vaccines/spay&neuter surgery/routine check up's/infections/accidents...  Failure to sign this contract will result in the buyer losing their deposit and the puppy being sold to an alternate buyer.

We expect our puppies to be fully grown at 18-25 pounds and have a life span of 12-15 healthy years.